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A Workshop for Mental Health Professionals and Ministers

3.5 hour Workshop 

The Process and Therapeutic Healing Power of Forgiveness:

Emotional and Cognitive Healing through the Therapeutic Process of Forgiveness

Mack Harnden, Ph.D.


Participants will learn the therapeutic skills of facilitating forgiveness for clients who have been deeply hurt or emotionally wounded by one or more persons.  Excerpts  from a variety of movies that portray one or more aspects of forgiveness or unforgiveness will be shown.   The focus will be on those who are experiencing depression, anxiety and prolonged anger.


The objective of this workshop is to equip and inspire mental health professionals to be a catalyst for their clients to experience forgiveness.  Unforgiveness has been documented as a major source of long-term chronic depression, anger and anxiety.  Since 1985, behavioral scientists have rigorously researched, from an empirical basis and a “case study” basis, the process and the emotional and cognitive impact of forgiving those who have harmed or hurt us.  The research by Robert Enright, Everett Worthington and others indicate that forgiving can lead to less depression, less anxiety, less anger and greater esteem.  This workshop will present such research and provide the workshop participants the opportunity to role play being a therapist with clients experiencing depression, anxiety and prolonged anger.